2019-2020 Season Gets Underway

The 2019-2020 season has now officially started and we look forward to another season of close competitive matches, competitive divisions and most importantly – great badminton!

This season we would like to welcome East Thurrock and OPBC to the league.  I’m sure all of the clubs who play against them will make them feel welcome and help them out with scorecards, rules, etc., if they are unsure.

Please remember there were some clarifications and amendments to the rules this season.  To recap:-

  • Shuttles & Light Refreshments – Shall be provided by the home club. All League matches shall be played with feathered shuttles. Light refreshments are to be provided by the home club and should be of a reasonable standard (e.g., tea, coffee, water, squash and biscuits).
  • Promotion and Relegation – this season there will be 2 teams being promoted and 2 teams being relegated from each division.

As always, if you have got any questions, please contact the League Committee whose details are on the Contact Us page.

The League Committee would like to wish all clubs and players the very best of luck this season!