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2019 BHDBL Handicap Tournament

The 2019 BHDBL Handicap Tournament has been organised for a bit earlier in the year this year in place of the Challenge Cup.  The tournament will take place on Sunday 17th February from 9am to 4pm at William Edwards School, Grays (click here for a map).

Any player who wishes to enter must be registered with one of the clubs in the league to play.  League registration costs £1 per player and will entitle the player to participate in the tournament.  Entry fees for the tournament are £12 per person payable by bank transfer (all details are on the website).

We are proposing to run 4 events this year:-

  • Ladies Doubles
  • Men’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Men’s Singles

Registration and payment of £12 per person is required by 7pm on the Monday 4th February.  Please click here to go to the event booking page.  Once you have booked, you will receive and email confirmation which contains the payment details for the entry fee.  Please make sure you follow the instructions to avoid having an invalid entry. 

Depending on the number of entries for the Doubles events, we may have to restrict or cancel the Men’s Singles event due to time constraints.  Therefore, Men’s Singles players should pay their entry fee on the day of the tournament.

If you would like to volunteer to help out with the running of the tournament, please contact the League’s Treasurer (Paula) on

We look forward to seeing you there!

2018/2019 Season Underway

The 2018/2019 Season is now underway with the first fixture having already been played.  The fixtures are all live on the website in the various league pages and on the calendar.  Please report any discrepancies to the match secretary using the details on the contact page.  The scoresheets and rules, etc., are on the download page.  The Ladies Division 2 scoresheet is still being finalised but will be published at least a week before the first fixture.

A big welcome to our new teams, please make them feel welcome at your matches:-

  • Drawks
  • East Eagle Smashers
  • East Thurrock
  • The Badminton Collective

Good luck to everyone this season – let’s hope for some great matches!

The 2017-2018 Season Comes to a Close

The 2017-2018 season has now come to a close with only the AGM left before the summer break.  A big shout out and congratulations to the following league champions:-


Division 1 – Epping
Division 2 – Redbridge A


Division 1 – Emerson Eagles 1
Division 2 – Corinthians 1


Division 1 – Barking 1
Division 2 – Redbridge
Division 3 – Amigos 1
Division 4 – Hunters

Challenge Cup

Winners – Redbridge
Runners Up – Emerson Eagles 2


Trophies will be presented at the AGM, details of which will be announced soon.

Redbridge Secure Division 2 Title

Congratulations to Redbridge on securing the Men’s Division 2 title in the last match of the season.  In a close run division, Redbridge leapfrogged both Corinthians 1 and Barking 3 to go from third place to first place with an 8-1 win over Frenford in the final match of the season!  Division 1 awaits Redbridge next season.  Well done!

Challenge Cup Final – Congratulations Redbridge!

Firstly we would like to thank Wychelm for hosting the venue and allowing us 2 courts from their club night.

The teams in the challenge cup final were:-

Rosie Allen
Claire Page
Sarah Tolliday
Ashley White
Ravi Patel
Kelvin Koon

Emerson Eagles 2
Lucy Scrutton
Mauteen Wusu
Emily Thompson
Raece Master
Tom Singh
Ben Calder.

The handicaps were Redbridge -4 v Emerson Eagles 2 @ scratch.

Although the final score was 7-2 to Redbridge, Emerson Eagles 2 put up a very strong fight. There were some very close games and some excellent rallies. As you can see from the scoresheet (below), 3 of the games went to a decider.

Our congratulations go to Redbridge on retaining the challenge cup for a second season.

After the match, the medals were presented to all of the players.  As is tradition, the trophies will be presented at the AGM on Thursday 17th May (confirmation to follow)

The Challenge Cup Trophies and Medals – ready for the Final.


Winners: Redbridge


Runners Up: Emerson Eagles 2


2018 Challenge Cup Final Result

**IMPORTANT** – matches on 4th April with Emerson Eagles

Due to building works being carried out at Emerson Park Academy, the following fixtures are affected with minor changes:-

Men’s Division 1 – Emerson Eagles 1 v Ramgarhia 1
Combi Division 2 – Emerson Eagles 3 v Corinthians 1

Emerson Eagles are only able to have the hall until 9.30pm so the start time has been brought forward to 7pm.
Also due to the nature of the building work going on, you may not be able to access the sport hall by the usual footpath and therefore you may have to walk through the main school.
Please can all team captains and match secretaries for Ramgarhia and Corinthians ensure their team members know this.
Finally, as time is limited on the night, please make sure games are played with as little gap between them as possible and the match gets started as soon as possible so it can finish on time.