**IMPORTANT** – matches on 4th April with Emerson Eagles

Due to building works being carried out at Emerson Park Academy, the following fixtures are affected with minor changes:-

Men’s Division 1 – Emerson Eagles 1 v Ramgarhia 1
Combi Division 2 – Emerson Eagles 3 v Corinthians 1

Emerson Eagles are only able to have the hall until 9.30pm so the start time has been brought forward to 7pm.
Also due to the nature of the building work going on, you may not be able to access the sport hall by the usual footpath and therefore you may have to walk through the main school.
Please can all team captains and match secretaries for Ramgarhia and Corinthians ensure their team members know this.
Finally, as time is limited on the night, please make sure games are played with as little gap between them as possible and the match gets started as soon as possible so it can finish on time.